Sloop Brewing Co. was founded in December, 2011, by Adam Watson and Justin Taylor, two friends who met at college and bonded over their love for good beer. After college, Adam and Justin took this love for beer one step further and started brewing together.

Living in Beacon, NY, Adam and his wife, Amy, would visit the local farmers’ market every Sunday. On a whim, Adam asked the market manager if he could start selling the beer he was brewing with Justin. The manager told him he probably needed some sort of license for that sort of thing.

Six months later, after retrofitting Justin’s garage into a nanobrewery and acquiring all the proper licensing, Sloop Brewing Co. was born and began selling their Red C and their Old World Pale Ale in Beacon every Sunday.

For the next three years, Adam and Justin balanced their day jobs, their growing families, and their passion for brewing. Justin focused on brewing. Adam managed sales, deliveries, and the business side of the brewery. All profits went back into Sloop, as they slowly expanded from farmers’ market to farmers’ market, and eventually into restaurants, bars, and craft beer stores. With the humbling support of the Hudson Valley community, retailers, and local breweries, Sloop has been able to grow and raise the necessary capital to finance their expansion into a full-scale microbrewery.

Partnering with Vosburgh Orchards, a working apple orchard in Elizaville, NY, Sloop’s new brewery is opening in an early 19th century barn set on acres of rolling hills. The farm provides not only a physical space for the brewery, but the opportunity to begin growing many of the raw ingredients necessary to brew Sloop beers, strengthening the farm-to-table circle and grounding the brewery in the upstate New York community and economy.

Grounded in the craft and tradition of brewing but always searching for innovative ways to improve old recipes and create interesting taste experiences, at Vosburgh, Sloop has found the perfect environment to set their roots and grow into what lies ahead.


The Sloop family is large and always growing, and from brewing beer to selling beer to putting in hard earned money and time, there’s a lot of folks that make our beer possible.



Justin Taylor is Sloop’s Brewmaster and co-founder. A life-long resident of the Hudson Valley, in his mid-20s he began learning the art of brewing from his father. After years of experience and sharing his passion with friends and family, Justin teamed up with long-time friend Adam Watson to found Sloop and make beautiful, unique beer that he can share throughout the Hudson Valley.



A co-founder of Sloop Brewing, Adam Watson serves as our Head of Sales, in addition to working in the tasting room and fulfilling all necessary janitorial duties. Adam and Justin met at SUNY New Paltz, working together in local restaurants. Their love of good beer quickly had them brewing together, a friendship that eventually turned into Sloop Brewing.



Mark Stier might not share the name, but is a Vosburgh at heart (and through his mother.) Growing up around Elizaville, working on the farm with his grandfather, he now serves as Sloop’s farm director, overseeing the redevelopment of the farm and Sloop’s commitment to locally grown, fresh ingredients.



David Watson manages the accounting and finance for Sloop Brewing, ensuring that Sloop makes enough money to keep bringing you delicious beer. He and his son, Adam Watson, once brewed beer in a bathtub about 15 years ago. It was fun. David has an MBA from NYU and has worked in finance and technology for many years.



Homebrewing since 1989, Jim Taylor won the first New York State Homebrewer of the year award in 1996 after getting the highest score in five different statewide competitions. A lover of slow cooking, local foods, and hiking in the ‘Gunks, Jim passed on all of his accumulated knowledge to his son, Justin, who now has a thing or two to teach Jim. At Sloop, he serves as Token Old Guy and Spiritual Advisor, handling everything that falls through the cracks or breaks.

Arnold Vosburgh

Owner — Vosburgh Orchards

The great-great-great grandson of Vosburgh’s founder, Gilbert J. Vosburgh, “Uncle” Arnie Vosburgh lives in the old farmhouse at Vosburgh Orchards year-round, and has overseen the orchards for decades. A graduate of the Ag School at Cornell and former agricultural teacher, Arnie grew up working on the farm with his father, Arnold Sr.

Joe Turco

Sales & Marketing Director

“What were my parents thinking when they brought me into this world? Did they know I would be this cool, smart, good looking, and funny?” — Joe Turco

Hope Stier

Farm Stand Manager

Working to revitalize and redevelop Vosburgh Orchards alongside her husband, Mark, Hope manages Vosburgh’s online presence and runs the farm stand, offering farm-grown fruit, seasonal vegetables, cut flowers, and baked goods to Sloop and Vosburgh’s visitors.

Brett Preuss


With years of experience in the Hudson Valley beer industry, Brett manages Sloop’s tasting room. He prefers to be addressed as “Brett” in emails, rather than “Joe.”

Bob Davidson

Graphic Design

Bob Davidson works as Sloop’s resident designer, photographer, and filmmaker. Before meeting Adam at high school in Brooklyn, he grew up surrounded by upstate New York farmland, where he drove his first tractor — a Farmall Cub — at 9 years old. In addition to his design work, he assists Adam and Justin by taste-testing beer as often as possible to ensure optimal quality control.

Bryan Figurski

chief rat stick operator

After meeting Adam, Bryan quickly became chief of rodent control and other Bryan work at Sloop Brewing. He protects the grain and keeps the toilets full of rocks. Not an easy job, but someone’s gotta do it.