Sunday Sessions @ Sloop

Local beer. Local music.

Hosted by David Chapman, Sunday Sessions at Sloop bring some of the Hudson Valley’s best musicians, singers, and songwriters to the Sloop tasting room. 2 pm to 5 pm, every Sunday, and always free.


July 17: Los Thujones

Los Thujones (THEw-HO-NEZ) is a group of musicians devoted to the idea that music should be fun and real. Their sound harkens back to times when music was played by musicians sitting together in one room in one moment. Featuring odd arrangements of ukuleles, mandolins, upright basses, trombones, harmonicas, over crazy beats… Ska, reggae, folk, neo folk, or whatever you want to call them.

July 24: rivergrass revival

Honest, foot stomping, heart pounding mountain music from veteran Hudson Valley players. Rivergrass is determined to bring good vibes and make great memories at every show. A band of well traveled session and touring players, you never know who will be joining them.

July 31: In the Kitchen

You might say that meal defined the band’s sound, simple and satisfying. In The Kitchen plays a mix of Americana music. Hints of bluegrass, country, and soul pepper their songwriting. Their live sets move through a range of emotion, with plenty of dance-able driving tunes, balanced by slower grooves with earnest lyrics and singing.

August 7: Brendan McDonough

Stretching the boundaries of Americana, Brendan McDonough has found a voice for his eclectic musical roots. Brendan’s do-it-yourself attitude helps him stand out with a diverse blend of talents: singer/songwriter, producer, and audio engineer. Brendan has been strongly influenced by an incredible group of musicians and engineers since helping found the Midnight Rambles at Levon Helm Studios in 2003.